I discover gaps and opportunities to grow your business smarter and faster on Google or Bing.

Remote work and collaborations with Digital Marketing Agencies on content in Spanish

Remote freelance SEO consultant, content in Spanish for Spain or Latin American countries.

Toni Xuek – SEO Consultant, a specialty in giving visibility to websites and online stores in search engines such as Google or Bing. More than a decade of experience as a digital entrepreneur with several global online services platforms providing solutions to professionals and individuals. With more than 80,000 registered users on websites, I am knowledgeable about how potential customers arrive at a website or online store, I know what works, what doesn’t and the fastest way to generate business through a click.

I do remote and in-person work in most Latin American countries, mainly in my native language, Spanish. If you need some type of improvement and to highlight your business on the Internet, even ahead of your competition, I can be the person to help you with it.

Visibility on the Internet

Being in the first search results of Google and Microsoft’s Bing will give you greater visibility ahead of the competition.

Cost effectiveness

Good SEO management can be the best investment you will make for your website.


No matter where you live, I can work remotely and perform any task you need to improve your website. My scope of action is mainly any country in Latin America, Spain and Miami (Florida USA).

I know what works, what doesn’t, and the quickest way.


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