I help you position and improve the ranking and visibility of your business in Spain and Latin America.

Spanish SEO expert writer and web designer

Improve your online presence in the Spanish market with a specialist SEO writer

If you are a company or marketing agency and you need to write your website in Spanish, to generate leads in Spain or Latin America, I can be the person to help you carry out this project.
I am specialized in organic SEO positioning, through quality and effective strategies that are synonymous with reaching new customers and sales in your business.

Position yourself in the top positions on Google and increase your organic traffic.

Visibility in Spanish on the Internet

Your presence in the first search results of Google or Bing will give you greater visibility ahead of the competition.

Improve relevance

Content optimization and increasing the relevance of your website for the most important keywords in your sector or industry. It would be something similar to these searches «Dentist in Miami» – «Child psychologist in Bogotá» – «Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles» – «Dental clinic in Barcelona«, etc…

Increase authority

Building quality links to strengthen domain authority.

SEO strategies in Spanish adapted to AI

Artificial intelligence AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of digital marketing, and SEO is no exception. Search engines, Google or Bing, are increasingly using AI to better understand user intentions and rank search results accordingly.

This means that companies that want to improve their visibility in search engines in Spanish must begin to implement SEO strategies adapted to AI.

Why is a good Spanish translation necessary for SEO?

Search engines like Google or Bing are constantly evolving their algorithms. It is for this reason that SEO has to adapt to them to offer users the results that led them to carry out that search. The website that adapts first to this is the one that will gain visibility ahead of the competition.

I can highlight any website, project, online store, etc. in search engines to give visibility in the Spanish language to the market of the country of Spain or Latin America.

Toni Xuek agencia SEO

Expert SEO freelance in Spain

Spanish SEO consultant, in-person and remote.

I am Spanish, I live between Miami and Barcelona.

I am specialized in SEO and I am a WordPress Web designer. I work remotely, for countries such as Spain, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Panama and any Spanish-speaking country that requires my services as an independent SEO consultant.


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An added value, native Spanish, SEO specialist and WordPress web designer.